We’re so glad you are here. It’s why we are here → because you are here.

Because we know how important it is to find that someone who sees you. Who hears you. Whose heart feels what your heart feels. 

We’re just like you – truly. We’re doing (and struggling with) the same things. We’re putting in the hours each day (and night – will we ever sleep through the night again)? We’re kissing imaginary owies. We’re lining up the pros and cons of another baby. We’re reading Elephant and Piggie for the 22nd time. We’re glancing at our Bible wondering when it got so dusty. We’re making dinner while the oatmeal is still drying on the breakfast bowl. We’re looking at our husband and wondering who they see. And we’re staring at ourselves in the mirror, a baby on our hip, knowing that once, we were someone else too and not totally sure where to go from here.

We so hope you see yourself reflected somewhere in these pages.

That you find your head nodding up and down, saying “Yes mama, me too.” You. Us. Community – it can be found in some of the most unlikely places.

We’d love for this to be one of yours. We’d love to be one of your people.

– – – – –


Hi! I’m Jenn. Yes, with 2 n’s. It matters to me. Jennifer occasionally. Jenny never. My grandpa once told me that Jenny was another name for a donkey – so I marched my 6-year-old self inside my house and told my parents they couldn’t call me that anymore. And so shall it be forever. Amen. 

I’m currently doing my best to make a home in Seattle, Washington with my husband Michael and daughter Reese (she’s 7). After never leaving the valley I grew up in, I  married Michael 11 years ago and have moved, and moved, and moved again. We’ve made a home in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, and now – Washington. I left a piece of my heart in Colorado, likely because that is where our daughter was born.

There’s something about the place and the friends who watch you become a mama – there’s just no substitute. 

If I’m not at home pretending to do housework, I am probably at Costco or Trader Joe’s. If I’m not there, then I am at my neighborhood barre3 studio. I love true crime podcasts (and no, I can’t pick a favorite), cooking and baking, reading, and occasionally hiding in the bathroom for 10 minutes of peace. I’m an enneagram 8, which irritates me to no end –> I swear I’m really nice, but I am definitely happiest when I’m in charge. If a weekend rolls around that is not dominated by college athletics (Go Huskies!) you can find our family outside on the local trails.

– – – – –


Hello! I’m Lo. And Lola. And Laura. And occasionally Mackey to the friends from college who haven’t let that maiden name go (and I don’t want them to). 

I was born and raised on a small island in Washington. I spent half a dozen years in Seattle for college (#godawgs) and now I live in Colorado with my husband, Kelvin, and our two daughters, Emme (3) + Quinn (18 months). I moved to CO for Kelvin’s job, told him we could stay for two years at the most, and here we are – 2 kids, 2 houses, and nearly one decade later.

It’s been really messy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I said goodbye to my mama 4 months after my first daughter was born. I left my career as a labor and delivery nurse to stay home with my girls at the same time. What followed was a brutal unraveling of the things I believed about myself, my family, sisterhood, mamahood, friendship, career, and my faith. And now, you’ve found me putting things back together, tossing out the puzzle pieces that don’t fit anymore and trying (sometimes desperately) to figure out what the new picture looks like. 

In the middle of all the lovely chaos of working from home and life with littles, you’ll find me reading fiction like nobody’s business, running (preferably alone), baking with my girls, making to-do lists, pushing back against perfection (<– enneagram 1 over here), debating the merits of dry shampoo (I’m all in), twinning with my girls (so basic), missing my job, those sweet mamas, and their sweet babies, and Joanna Gaines-ing my house.

– – – – –

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