8 (Free) YouTube Workouts You Can Do From Home

A couple of years ago, Jenn got me a One Line a Day memory journal (she also gifted me these pens. They’re perfect for this journal (and they’re Jenn’s favorites)). This practice has been one of the sweetest and easiest ways to note down little things that have made me laugh, made me cry, and have brought our home joy. Even today, only a year and a half into the practice, I’m already reminiscing when I look at last year’s memories. And after losing my own mama, I am now certain that my girls will appreciate these things.

The last few weeks though, this journal is making me laugh out loud. There’s just not a whole to write about when every single day looks the same. It’s basically turned into a ‘day of quarantine’ tracker. One note last week had our daily schedule: it says ‘Still in quarantine. Still snowing. Save us.’

As we’ve settled into this (hopefully short-lived) new normal, indoor at-home workouts have actually been a really helpful way to eat up 30 minutes, make me and the girls move our bodies, and get some feel good endorphins flowing. I have no fancy equipment (aka – I’m still dreaming about a Peloton), my basement ceilings are only seven feet tall (aka – This 5’11 body hits the ceiling when I do the arm portion of workouts), and I get interrupted 13 times to break up the girl’s fights, get them another snack, or tuck the baby doll into her cradle tighter.

I’ve grouped these different suggestions by workouts that need a pair of dumbells/weights and workouts that do not. The only equipment I do have is a single 8lb set of dumbells like these ones. I’d recommend snagging some as well (anywhere from 3lbs -10 lbs) if you’re in a season of life where at home workouts are going to be your reality for awhile (not just while you’re in quarantine) or if you just want more options for workouts that are available for you. 

8 (FREE) YouTube Workouts You Can Do From Home

With Weights:

30 Minute Strong Legs and Core: You’re going to see a couple PopSugar Fitness workouts on this list. I appreciate that they are free and readily available, usually you can find one anywhere from 20-45 minutes long, and they always have a person on the video who is showing ‘adapted’ moves for those who can’t quite follow the lead. 

30 Minute Fat Blasting Workout: This workout, from Class FitSugar, is one of my absolute favorites. It truly is a mini full body workout and leaves me sweating. There may be one or two moves that are a little tough for a beginner, but as always, you can follow the person who is modifying.

30 Minute Strength Training Workout With Dumbbells: Also from PopSugar fitness, this workout is nice because it moves in circuits. I always like this because I often feel like right when I get the hang of a move, we move onto something else. I appreciate when they circle back around, as I know I am ready to do what is next and am able to do it right (and well). 

Total Body Strength Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily: This is the perfect title for me! This 35 minute workout from Fitness Blender should be fat burning and lean muscle building for the whole body. And it really does keep me from being bored (which happens easily for me during the occasional repetitiveness or chattiness of online workouts).

Just Bodyweight:

32 Minute Home Cardio Workout with No Equipment: Fitness Blender is another great platform to be subscribed to on YouTube. They have a huge collection of workouts, both with and without weights. You can also find short little quick hitters for specific body parts or longer full body options. 

30 Minute Butt and Abs Pilates Bikini Workout: Ok, immediate disclosure – the trainer on this one is EXTREMELY perky. I usually have to turn the volume way down. But the workout itself is tough and worth it. There isn’t a ton of downtime between moves, so your heart rate stays up the whole time. 

Barre 3: Barre 3 has a few different workouts available for free on YouTube. Each of them are 33ish minutes long and are meant to be the complete, full-body workout barre is known for (without any equipment). You know Jenn is a Barre 3 lover! I can’t do a full membership now, but I love, love, love being able to take advantage of Barre 3’s unique sculpting workouts at home. | Workout #1 Workout #2 Workout #3 |

Jessica Valant Pilates: I linked the main YouTube page here instead of a specific workout, because she has specific workouts for beginners, intermediate, advanced, pregnancy/prenatal, postpartum pilates, etc. So you’ll need to do a little digging to find what is best for you in the fitness season you are in. There are some videos that have weight options, but the majority are no weights. You can also find shorter videos (as short as 6-7 minutes) up to a more traditional 30-minute workout. She releases new videos every other Wednesday.

Extra Workout Options to Consider

I’ve excluded any of these from the above lists because some of their availability may change once quarantine is over. However, if you can, take advantage of these for as long as they’re available!

Peloton App: Most of us know Peloton for their infamous bikes, but their app offers a huge selection of at home workouts, both on and off the bike. Yoga, running, meditation, toning, etc – there really is a lot here. Normally, you can do a 30 day free trial, but since quarantine started, they are offering a 90-day free trial. 

Barre 3: Since quarantine was officially official, many Barre 3 studios around the nation have been releasing new 20-minute at home workouts every week on their social media accounts. We’ve been following along with Barre 3 Ballard’s options on Instagram or Facebook

For the Littles

Cosmic Kids Yoga: K and I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said Cosmic Kids Yoga has gone from 100K views a day to over a million views a day since quarantine started. You can put my family in that bandwagon. The Youtube channel has a ton of great kid yoga videos – my daughters love the ones that are themed around Disney movies. You can also get the videos through your Amazon Prime account. It truly is really engaging content for them and I love watching them jump around and move their bodies.There’s an app available as well – we’ve never used it as we always have utilized the YouTube channel or Amazon Prime, but it’s there for those who want it!

I was an ‘at-home workout-er’ before quarantine, so all of the available options (there’s hundreds of thousands) aren’t quite as overwhelming to me as they may be to some. If these specific suggestions aren’t your favorites, dig around on your own among the different channels (Fitness Blender, PopFit Sugar, etc.). I really do think there is something for everyone – and I KNOW that now, more than ever, all of our bodies are desperate for the little endorphin rush that a good sweat session can give you. 




  1. Jennifer Fowler
    April 2020 / 8:02 pm

    Hi – LOVE your content …. have been a follower of Jenn on IG for many years now …. spelling is “my” thing, and I wanted to point out a typo on your page … these literally JUMP off the page at me…I cannot stop them if I tried : )

    I often dream of going into business for myself as an editor …. in the meantime I’d love to edit your documents in advance of publishing them if you’re interested!

    Below… I believe it should read “known” instead of “none” ….or maybe not?! Take care ladies.

    “…..rre is none for without any equip…”

    • Lo
      April 2020 / 11:21 pm

      Thank you Jennifer! I’m a typo queen too – Jenn and I both are. But of course it’s always so easy to miss stuff in your own words! So we appreciate it!

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