RECIPE | Uses for All of Your Leftover Easter Ham

So you googled that formula that says ¾ pound of ham per person, you shopped weeks ago, and you invited all of your family to share the holiday with you. Then, a pandemic comes to our shores and suddenly you’re not hosting Easter dinner anymore. Or, maybe you went shopping this weekend and bought that ham, because corona be damned, you would cook Easter dinner for your family. Either way, right now you’ve got 25 lbs of ham staring you down every time you open the fridge and you need to find some creative ways to use it.  We’ve got you friends, we’ve got you. 

All of the recipes shared below are tried and true favorites for us. They are ones we’ve cooked multiple times, ones our families ask for again and again – and you know what? If you’re feeling the need for some community right now, we’ll be cooking these same things all week. So it’ll be like we’re all in the kitchen together whipping up the same thing, while one kid tugs on our pant leg, another one yells from the bathroom that they need a wipe, and maybe the last one is hollering about their missing art project that you definitely recycled this morning because holy freaking art projects, those things breed like bunnies. All that to say, we love all of the recipes below, and we think that you might too!

  1. Cheesy Ham and Broccoli Casserole This recipe comes from my friend Star over at The Skinnyish Dish. It is one of those awesome ‘fix it and forget it’ recipes where once it is in the oven, it’s hands off for the next hour. Maybe this is when you take a bubble bath and drink wine…oh wait, kids during the witching hour, nevermind. Maybe, you just try and keep them alive for one more hour during this endless quarantine. Anyways, broccoli, cheese, rice, ham…it’s all good and on the table in an hour. Add it to this week’s menu.
  2.  Baked Ham and Cheese Sliders You’ve probably had these sandwiches at a baby shower sometime in the last 10 years, and if you haven’t, well it is time! They are always a crowd pleaser, and it is worth making a double batch to feed everyone for lunch for the next day or two. Hawaiin sweet rolls, ham, swiss cheese, and the best buttery mustard sauce poured over the top and then baked until they’re good and melty. These are husband and kid loved here at our house and we’re pretty sure they’ll be loved in your house too.
  3. Chicken Fricassee with Orzo This one may feel just a little bit fancy after all the spaghetti and tacos you’ve been cooking. Truthfully, this is still pasta, but it feels extra. It comes from Cooking Light (man I miss that magazine!) and has a delightful creamy sauce to finish it all off. I am so looking forward to having this on the menu this week; I forgot how much we all enjoy it until I was writing up this post.
  4. Creamy Ham + Potato Soup  If you’re feeling like you just need a giant hug right now like I do, may I suggest this warm bowl of soup. Comfort food seems like an essential part of our current quarantine lifestyle and a bowl of soup definitely fits the bill. This is a great way to use up those last bits of ham, especially if you’re in Colorado getting snow, again (oh hey, Lo).  Hey Spring, we’re more than ready for you now.
  5. Macaroni and Cheese This is the mac and cheese recipe you need in your life.  When you’re feeling like going all out and cooking something more than the good ‘ole blue box special (not knocking that at all, I can take a box of that down in one sitting without even blinking) – this is it. I know it doesn’t say ham anywhere in the recipe, but here’s how you take this from a side dish to a complete meal. Add diced ham when you get to the ‘bake in the oven’ step. If your family will tolerate it, may we also suggest some lightly steamed broccoli or peas on top as well. Then you’ve got a vegetable, protein, and starch all in one casserole dish. Well done mama, well done.

Somehow, if after all of the above you still find yourself with pounds of ham, how about you whip it up with some eggs and serve your family breakfast for dinner? Some nights just call for easy, right? Hope you give one of these recipes a try and they make your nights just a little bit easier this week.



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